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Come hang out with Kitty in her dressing room!

Read about Kitty's favorite things and go with her on a tour of her North Beach neighborhood.

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What the critics are saying about Kitty Margolis...

New York Times
"A frolicsome and exceedingly musical singer, Ms. Margolis exercises a fortunate affinity for songbook standards."

New York Daily News
"A jazz legend."

Newsday, New York
Top 10 Jazz CDs of 2004
"Margolis' improvisational artistry will have a hard time staying out of your discplayer."

San Francisco Chronicle
"An exhilarating and imaginative jazz vocalist of the highest order...thrilling."

Jazz Times
“Margolis, an equally potent blend of class, integrity and chutzpah, delights the SRO audience with 75 minutes of thrilling showmanship.”

Down Beat
"Celebrating innovation over affectation, Margolis sings with conviction, pleasure and creative edginess...breathtaking...a tour de force.”

The Los Angeles Times
"Margolis’ ebullient enthusiasm invests each of the numbers with high-spirited pleasures.”

The Australian
“Five Stars. This finest of contemporary vocal improvisers is something special… Exuberant, unpredictable, witty, but never boring.”

Las Vegas Weekly
"The entire CD is an utter joy."

Nashville City Paper
"Margolis might be the best scat singer working the jazz front. Dazzling.”

Sacramento Bee
"Margolis performing live is a world-class jazz experience."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Margolis and band sound as if they're having the time of their lives. Effervescent and witty, deeply romantic, dramatic, invigorating and downright fun."
"Kitty Margolis is absolutely on fire in front of an audience.”

The Buffalo News
"Scat so rare in this day and age, you might think you've found the Holy Grail."

Albuquerque Journal
"If you miss Ella Fitzgerald pine no more. Kitty Margolis is a rich-voiced successor to Ella, which means she scat sings better than any present day vocalist that I've heard.”

All About Jazz
"Wow, this woman can sing. This disc is good—very good. Margolis skillfully whips her audience into an appreciative frenzy.”

San Jose Mercury News
"One of the finest jazz singers anywhere."

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Welcome to Kitty Margolis' Jazz Spot. Come on in, check out some sounds and chill with Kitty. There's no cover and no minimum, so have fun and stay as long as you want!

"Kitty Margolis is an original who has made the heritage of all of the great jazz singers her own. Beyond her virtuoso technique, she has an epic feeling, a willful breadth of emotion that is artfully focused on the details of life. She is not afraid to be as intimate as a diary or as athletic as necessary in order to stand up to the power of her band. Like all true artists, Kitty Margolis adds something good to the world that it did not possess before she came along. She is, as they say, "the real thing."

– Stanley Crouch (author of Considering Genius: Writings on Jazz, New York Times, Harper's, Ken Burns' Jazz, Esquire, New York Daily News, Village Voice)

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"Heart & Soul" is the most overpowering jazz vocal album - and one of the most overpowering jazz albums of any kind - I have heard since the passing of the immortal Betty Carter. Kitty Margolis and her trio understand the true essence of the music - the joy, the freedom, and the emotional potency - that only the greatest are able to communicate. Kitty has been magnificent in the past, but this is truly something else."

- Bob Blumenthal (Grammy winning jazz writer and recipient of Jazz Journalist Assn. Lifetime Achievement Award 2005)

Read Kitty's Tribute to Chris Connor:
From JazzTimes (March 2010):
"Chris Connor 11.2.27 – 8.29.09"
By Kitty Margolis

Read a Cool Article About Kitty:
From All About
"Kitty Margolis and Life on the Road Less Traveled"
By Mathew Bahl


Artist Clifford Bailey painted Kitty live during a recent concert in Santa Monica



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